Fortnighter Pricing

We're ready to start designing the fine details your trip. Fortnighter itineraries come in a variety of options.
Once you buy, you can use it for a trip you take anytime in the future.

How long is your trip?

  • Shuttle

    • Best for a 1-3 day trip.
    • Custom-made with up to 11 points of interest.
    • Recommendations for shops, hotels, restaurants and more.
  • Transcon

    • Best for a 4-6 day trip.
    • Custom-made with up to 21 points of interest. and a suggestion for a side trip.
    • Recommendations for shops, hotels, restaurants and more.
    • Get 10 "essential" things to know about the destination
  • Long-Haul

    • Best for a trip of 7+ days.
    • Custom-made with up to 31 points of interest for two nearby destinations.
    • Recommendations for shops, hotels, restaurants and more.
    • Get 10 "essential" things to know about the destination.
    • Hotel recommendations for each location in the itinerary
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What if I'm not sure where I want to go?

Fortnighter's team of experts will help you decide where to take your next trip. Simply buy an itinerary and let us know your travel preferences in the questionnaire. Once we know your preferences we'll work with you over email to come up with a ideal destination before creating your customized itinerary.

What if I don't know when I'm going?

Not a problem. We'll help you figure out the best time to go for your interests.

What if I want to go to more than one destination?

Long-Haul itineraries can cover two nearby destinations if you want to combine them on your trip.

What if my trip is longer than a week?

Email us for a custom quote, but you can also buy multiple itineraries for the same trip, in any combination.

How customized are the itineraries?

Each itinerary is written from scratch just for you and your trip. When you travel with Fortnighter, never again will you show up at a museum to find it closed or under renovation or be stuck looking for an activity on a national holiday.

Who writes my itinerary?

A professional travel writer on-site in your intended destination. Our writers are from Lonely Planet, the New York Times and more.

How do I get my itinerary?

Once we upload it, you can access your itinerary anytime through your site and download it for safekeeping during your trip.

How long does it take?

Each itinerary comes a week after you order.