How Does Fortnighter Work?

  1. After buying your itinerary, we have a detailed series of questions designed to get the best possible information about your trip (your preferences, preferred cuisine, speed of sightseeing, etc).

    Note: Even if you don’t have a destination in mind, we're happy to work with you to come up with a great location, then create an itinerary with hotels, restaurants, shopping and even recommended tour guides for that trip. Simply email for advice.
  2. We send your request to one of our professional travel writers, who crafts your guide from scratch. Your responses and preferences are all taken into account. We'll also follow-up with you if any extra details or clarifications are needed.
  3. Once your guide is completed, it becomes available for download from the site at any time. Each itinerary includes day-by-day list of what to do on your next trip as well as "10 things to know" about a destination with information on everything from gratuities, reliable cab companies, and good coffee shops.
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